Module 3 - Surfaces and Strategies

week 10 independent reflection

The photography of street sleepers in Tokyo was received with mixed comments from my peers and teachers, some resented the idea of taking pictures of the underprivileged, however the much relevance of my profession of putting patient to sleep with the dreaming state of my subjects as pointed out by Susan Meiselas during the workshop was well received.

The project “A Room of Their Own” (2015-2017) by Susan Meiselas on victims of domestic violence was discussed as this was also on the underprivileged, to respect the privacy and anonymity was of paramount importance.

Posing of Sadomasochism in a bar was far from being artistic but the comparison of such in different culture or places may be appealing.

Likewise comparative study of homeless people in different culture may be the way out for me.

Study of sleeping in animal, birds and people may also be considered in my future work.