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week 1 webinar

Week 1 Webinar: Where are You At?

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baloji- untitled 25

Sammy Baloji (2006) Untitled 25, from the series Mémoire

This webinar is an opportunity to discuss project work produced during the break. It is also an opportunity to meet new faces and help create a focus moving forward.

Nine webinars (A–I) have been added to the scheduler: three with Stella, three with Michelle and three with Cemre (it is not necessary to book a webinar with your assigned Tutor). After signing up for one of the webinars, we recommend doing the following:

  • Share three examples of current project work in the relevant discussion thread below below (eg if you signed up to Webinar B, reply in the discussion thread labeled Webinar B). Shared images should give an impression of where you are at in your project and / or your development.
  • Prepare to give a short but insightful overview of your work and aims.
  • Prepare at least three questions about the work of others in your scheduled webinar.

McRefugees in 3 different 24-hoursMcDonalds

2 “happy” McRefugees

other participants: Nigel Ready, Kenneth Chan


  1. to find context in photography, whether landscape or birds
  2. street photography is difficult to do
  3. “captivity” a negative description
  4. beauty is the biggest danger when it comes to photography